We Deserve Better

On the front page of the New York Times yesterday was a very disturbing article about a line of hair care products that have caused severe hair loss and the FDA can do nothing about it. The company did not break any rules. The ingredients that they used were all “legal” in the United States and they didn’t make any claims that could be considered misleading. The company has received over 20,000 complaints on this product since 2011 and it is still on the market. Our government needs to do more to ensure that harmful products cannot be sold to consumers. The article discusses legislation referred to as the Feinstein-Collins Bill created by Dianne Feinstein of California and  Susan Collins of Maine. It would require that the company provide information on any “serious adverse reactions” to their product instead of the FDA relying on the public to come forward.More importantly, it gives the agency the power to pull any products from the market that appears to be unsafe or harmful. There are companies fighting this for fear that it is overreaching. Honestly, I’d like the FDA to pull a hair care product off the market if it has been proven to cause major hair loss. Wouldn’t you? The article is here. I encourage you to read it. It’s quite upsetting that this is happening. That regulation of the beauty industry has not happened since 1938. There have been other recent hair care product scares that have found mercury and formaldehyde in products.  This is why I signed on with #beautycounter because I believe in their mission to make change, to get our government to pay attention to the “ugly side” of the beauty industry. I also love that I can trust this company and can feel that their products are safe to use. They also work closely with carefully chosen non-profits who are working to also make change such as the Environmental Working Group, The Breast Cancer Fund and Healthy Child Healthy Work. They also donate to Stand up for Cancer. Their transparency is refreshing. This article is a “must-read.” We deserve better.

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