misc pictures 072Orange and Pear is about health, fitness, wellness, art, food and embracing the joy of learning something new every day. My intention with this blog, is not to prove that I’m an expert in any one thing because I’m really not. Like many, I’m a dabbler. I have passion for so many aspects of living a happy and healthy life but I’m not a master in any one thing. I feel strongly about finding ways to live an environmentally friendly life. But I’m certainly not perfect. I drive an SUV and I’m a bit freaked out about composting. I do recycle almost everything (obsessively even peanut butter jars and those little take-out SOLO containers) but I still use ziploc bags if I can’t find a darn matching top to a container in the morning when I’m packing my daughter’s lunch in record speed.  I am also passionate about keeping chemicals, dye and preservatives out of our food and our beauty and skin products. I despise colored dye in foods especially in foods marketed to children, but I won’t dive across the table to grab the cupcake with the bright blue frosting out of my daughter’s hand. A little bit of letting go is healthy! I love “clean” eating and “whole foods” but if a bag of Fritos crosses my path, all bets are off. I try to be good 80% of the time and the other 20% is just too hard sometimes and I that’s OK. Knowledge is power and forgiveness for one’s inability to perfect is key. Thanks for visiting!